01 Oct 2015

The Heart of Performance

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“The Heart of Performance”

In your life and onto the stage…

(Written for the students in my ‘Heart of Performance’ class)

Let the sweet breezes of possibility flow through your mind

Let the tight density of dogma,

Rules and restrictions

Soften into chiffon transparency;

Allowing the light of your truth

your being-ness

Your brilliant light to shine through you

Dazzling with enthusiasm

and pure joy.

Let the gift of your artistry be the blueprint

for your living,

and your living artistically will burst forth

in authentic and inspired performance.


Notice the wings you were given!

Sitting on the branch they fold in

Twisted, tight and aching for flight.

You don’t need permission to fly,

or a certificate or degree…

Just trust your creativity and let the wings open!

The breath of truth will lift your wings to the sky

And oh, what a view you will have!


The heart of performance is born

from a clear intention to be part of this wondrous life-dance,

To trust your steps,

Engage your partners,

Seek out great mentors,

and join the legacy of contributing hope, beauty,

and love through this Divine gift bestowed upon you

the gift that flows through you,

illuminating the inspiration that dwells deep within,

eternally vibrant

crying out to be released!

and aching to be embraced.


Jody Graves (2014) Inspirato Co.®

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