06 Nov 2012

The Juice is in the Journey

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As I continue to teach, practice, perform and give public lectures I am convinced more than ever that celebrating the journey into mastery is more important than the perceived “goal”.  Our current cultural climate is so “clock-driven” and the idea of simply spending time, without limits, in developing our artistry is not honored as it could be.  Being creative, and deepening artistically in our field takes time, and it is the tiny incremental steps of the daily work that add up to those inspired and confident performances.  Sometimes the profound moments of great music-making happen when there is no audience…and this is just as valid as when it happens on stage.  Celebrate and honor your process as you practice and learn music.  Enjoy the daily steps of each practice session, and remember that the juice of artistry is indeed in the journey…the concerts are over in an instant, but the question is, what draws you to the piano or your instrument of choice in this moment?  Are you motivated by a deadline…or inspired by your passion?

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